Green 12

Green 12 is the smallest of the greens, and the second youngest. Only about 125 years old, it doesn’t have the political clout or the economical strength of the older Greens. Like other greens, its primary focus is on agriculture, mainly growing simple grains that can be used for bread.

The capital of Green 12 is Isidis, situated on a hilly part of the green at the foot of the Holy Mother. Most residents of the city are wealthy merchants, politicians and higher-ranking church officials. Slums on the outskirts of the Isidis house the workers that tend to the “lesser” duties of the city.

Several small rural towns dot the countryside, but none of them have populations of much more than 500 people.

The second largest town on Green 12 is called World’s End. World’s End is the only major trade hub into Green 12, and it’s harbor houses all the merchant vessels that travel into the Green. A small navy garrison is posted at World’s End, though the military can not stand up to the might of Green 1 or any of the older Greens.

Aside from legitimate trade, World’s End also has a flourishing black market. Scrappers use the town as a launching point for excavations out into the nearby dome of Syrtis, and their goods flow through World’s End’s markets.

Green 12

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