Verdant Saga

The Story Begins

The world is a dry and barren place, and most people have been forced to survive by scraping by the best they can, through any means possible. Many centuries ago, a catastrophe of massive proportions tore the world apart and forced humanity into massive domed cities. However, as the years passed and resources dwindled, the domes fell into ruins and the last remnants of civilization turned on itself.

Five hundred years ago, the first of the Green Mothers fell to earth. Shortly after it landed, water began to nourish the soil and green life appeared around the obelisk. The last dredges of humanity flocked to the site, and civilization began its first new steps. As time passed, more Green Mothers fell from the heavens, 13 in total. Each holy relic is the source of life for a small part of the planet, and little bits of civilization cling to each island of Green.

You are scrappers, part of a subculture that ventures out of the Green to explore the ruins left by your predecessors. You provide an important role in the everyday lives of the citizens of Green 12 by allowing them to provide for themselves to an extent, by gathering bits of archaeotech, food and water, and other supplies. Some call you scavengers and thieves, but many would starve if they were forced to rely on the benevolence of the Church or the Guild.

You are relatively new to scrapping, and so far you haven’t had much luck. Aside from a few chips worth of supplies, you haven’t found anything interesting. However, a friend at Scrappy’s gave you a hot tip regarding a “secret” maintenance access point to the domed city of Syrtis. After an uneventful trip out to the dome, you entered the city at the maintenance access point, several hundred feet off the ground.

While most of the power under the dome appeared to be out, the artificial sun still worked, tracking its way across the “sky” over the city. The lower city is mostly covered by a wild and overgrown mass of greenery, and you decided to stay away from the lower city based on rumors of abhumans who had taken up residency here. After taking in the city, you began to move towards what you hoped might be a control room, a windowed structure situated near the roof of the dome at the center point of the city.

Unaware that you were being hunted by Dredge, you continued on your way to the structure, eventually making it without incident. The door to the area beyond was locked, and while there did not seem to be a way to open the door, you proceeded to an outer area and located an emergency exit. Beyond the door you found a large office area, complete with ancient and non-functional computer equipment. Beyond the office was a massive control room that overlooked the entire city. While you were able to apply power to some of the room, it seemed that most of the room was defunct and inoperative.

After salvaging some tech and some cyphers from the room, you headed out with the intention of leaving the city. However, on your way out of the office area, several Dredge dropped in, following your scent. While it initially seemed as though you would be able to sneak past the Dredge, a poorly timed mistake led you to be spotted by the savages. A short battle ensued, with more and more of the abhumans dropping into the structure. Just when things could not get any worse, the floor buckled and heaved, then dropped, dumping you and several of the savages out out for a terrifying plunge. The lake below you rushed up to meet you, and then there was darkness.

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