Viral Hound

This creature resembles a dog, but under the ragged and torn flesh you can see bits of cable and electronics where sinew should be.


Viral hounds travel in packs, scouring the wastelands for something to eat. They resemble large dogs, but have been twisted and mutated into monstrous creatures by long exposure to nanovirus.

Motive: Hungers for Flesh.
Environment: Viral hounds dwell in the ancient domes and among other remnant of civilization. Particularly large packs may even get bold enough to skulk around active towns or even the greens.
Health: 6
Damage Inflicted: 4 points
Movement: Short
Modifications: Perception as level 5 due to nanoprecience.
Combat: These creatures deal damage with their terrible bite. Viral hounds attack in large numbers. Four to six of them can concentrate on one foe and attack as if they were a level 4 creature, inflicting 8 points of damage. Each hound must still be attacked individually, as normal. If their numbers are reduced to fewer than four, they flee.
Interaction: These creatures are in a constant state of near-starvation and only understand hunger and fear. They cannot be reasoned with – not even by someone with the ability to interact with or train animals.
Use: A large pack of viral hounds can make a harrowing encounter for the PCs. They are occasionally found with other Virals, though it is unknown if they are trained or if they are simply drawn to them.

GM Intrusion: The viral hound injects a nanovirus into their target. A PC bitten by the hound must succeed at a Might defense roll after the fight or move one step down the damage track due to infection.


Viral Hound

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