Viral Dreg

This creature was once a human, but long exposure to nanoviruses have twisted and deformed it into a crazed animal.


Virals are humans that, through exposure to excessive amounts of nanovirus, have become permanently altered mentally and physically. Viral dregs are the least of these, enhanced physically but often quite insane.

Motive: Destruction, Hungers for Flesh.
Health: 6
Damage Inflicted: 3 points
Armor: 1
Movement: Short
Modifications: Speed defense as level 3 due to shield, and Perception as level 3 due to nanopresience.
Combat: Dregs are armed with vicious weapons improvised from scavenging the ancient domes and other such sites. These weapons vary from clubs wrapped in razor-sharp barbs, to bladed throwing weapons. Three or more dregs can concentrate on one foe and make one attack at level three, inflicting 6 points of damage. If faced with a real threat, or if they lose half their numbers, they retreat.
Interaction: Dregs live to hunt and destroy, and do not bargain or parlay. They barely speak, grunting and wailing to each other when communicating.
Use: Dregs most commonly inhabit the various domes that can be found around the world. Occasionally they can be encountered out in the wastes, but even then only in old settlements or canyons that offer some protection from the elements.
Loot: Any given dreg will carry about 1d6 chips in addition to their weapons and armor. The largest and toughest dreg in a group might have a cypher or an oddity.

GM Intrusion: Another dreg, hidden until just the right moment, appears and throws a vicious barbed dagger. It then enters the fray.


Viral Dreg

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